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  • 15th International Pragmatics Conference

    15th International Pragmatics Conference

    16 a 21 Julho

    Special theme: "Pragmatics in the real world"


    Pragmatics is underpinned by the idea that language use is a form of social action with real world consequences tied to the specific context of language use. Different theoretical perspectives under a broad conception of pragmatics articulate the notion of social action differently and hence arrive at differing perspectives on the relationships both between language and other forms of social action and between language use and conceptions of context. Nonetheless, as the range of paper topics in any volume of the IPrA journal Pragmatics will attest, the insights provided by pragmatics research into the essential connections between language use, context and social action facilitate detailed understanding of real world contexts, practices and institutions. Simultaneously, analyses of pragmatic aspects of language in real world settings have been shown to inform our theoretical understanding of the relationships between language, meaning, context and social action.

    This theme has particular resonance for Belfast because it is a city in the midst of a transition to a post-conflict society and transformations to forms and choices of language and meanings are an implicit and often explicit part of that transition. The theme also has a particular currency for the whole of the UK as, here, the “impact agenda” has come to dominate external evaluations of research which measure the economic and social benefits of research outside of academia.

    Alongside the local significance of the theme is the broader significance for a number of branches of research with the international discipline of pragmatics, including:

    • Language and Politics
    • Language in Forensic Settings
    • Language and Education
    • Language and Health
    • Language in Clinical Settings
    • Language and Social Change
    • Language and Social Media
    • Language and Identity

    In addition to the special theme, the conference is open to all topics relevant to linguistic pragmatics in its broadest sense as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, cultural) science of language use.




  • 2017

    The 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics

    23 a 28 Julho

    The 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistic: Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in Applied Linguistics will take place at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).


    13º Mundos de Mulheres & Fazendo Gênero 11

    30 Julho a 04 Agosto

    O 13º Congresso Mundos de Mulheres (MM) – um encontro internacional e interdisciplinar de e sobre mulheres – acontecerá conjuntamente ao Seminário Internacional Fazendo Gênero 11 (FG)  entre 30 de julho e 4 de agosto de 2017 em Florianópolis, SC, Brasil, no campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC).

    A temática que norteará o encontro é "Transformações, Conexões, Deslocamentos". Com isso, queremos alargar esse lugar de diálogo para uma perspectiva mundial, afastada da hierarquia Norte-Sul, ou seja, um espaço onde se possa ouvir outras vozes, novas propostas, valorizar saberes, ampliar horizontes de estudo e de ativismo. Desse modo, seremos capazes de pensar e propor perspectivas inclusivas para os estudos feministas e possibilidades de construção feminista.

    Será uma oportunidade única de cruzar experiências, pesquisas, vozes ao redor do mundo sobre questões de mulheres e gênero. Esta será a primeira vez que o Congresso será realizado na América do Sul.

    Não perca essa convergência de academia e ativismo, onde a diversidade de mentes e experiências irá debater algumas das questões mais prementes de nosso tempo.



  • Language in the media

    Language in the Media 2017: Mediat(is)ing (Trans)nationalism

    18 a 20 Outubro

    Historically, mass media (print, television and radio) has been the primarily loci for advertising, news broadcasts and entertainment shows. These days, however, media outlets have morphed from mass (top-down) communication to socially oriented (horizontal) computer-mediated communication. Engaging with the various histories, powers and representation of the very many media forms is far from exhausted with this year’s focus on transnationalism in its diverse mediated forms.

    Initiated in 2005 and previously hosted in UK, USA and Ireland, and Germany, the Language in the Media (LiM) conference will be held for the first time in South Africa. The conference theme, namely “language and the media(tisa)tion of (trans)nationalism” is particularly relevant for South Africa as it resonates with an emerging Southern critique of reduced, misrepresented and/or essentialised Southern everyday representations in the media. Notably, the theme not only seeks to foreground investigations of how different forms of (trans)nationalism are produced and circulated linguistically/discursively in a variety of media sites; it also highlights analyses of the role played by the media in commodifying language(s) and other semiotic resources (such as the body) and disseminate them through global, transnational networks. Finally, we are also interested in papers that draw upon empirical data in order to question a geopolitics of knowledge that has historically privileged “Northern” theorising in media sociolinguistics.

    Alongside this focus, the 2017 conference, as it has done from its inception, will continue to prioritise papers which address the range of sociolinguistic topics in relation to the media broadly defined: language standardization and style; language policy and practice; language acquisition; multilingualism and cross-/inter-cultural communication; communication in professional contexts; representations of speech, thought, and writing; language and class, dis/ability, race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality and age; political discourse, commerce and global capitalism; language and education.



  • SS22

    SS22 Call for Papers is Now Open

    Open submissions of abstracts for presentations at the 22nd Sociolinguistics Symposium (SS22) to be held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, 27 – 30 June 2018.